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As a personal stylist, I’ve learned to recognize the emotions I see in my clients throughout our time together. When we first meet, they are more often negative — mainly directed at themselves. And it takes a while to work through what first created the negative thoughts they bathe themselves in.

I doubt it’s a shock that these feelings started while very young. An aunt mentions how pudgy you are even though you’re only six. Or the boys in the school yard say you look ugly in your glasses. Or your mother tells you as a teen that the reason…

When I was in grade school, I was geeky and gawky. Overweight and mousey — and the butt of many jokes for my female classmates. The only way I was popular was that I was an easy target to mock and mortify. I was receiving the same at home and told every day I was fat and ugly and no one would ever love me.

As I grew up, I learned to give attitude and fein some kind of self-esteem. I had good friends in high school, dated and developed long-lasting relationships in college. I still had that voice in…

A few years back, a subscription service catering to the style needs of busy women, or those who disliked shopping for one reason or another, started online. The ads were everywhere — on social media, or tagged on as an ad in an e-mail sent by another party.

After filling out a long questionnaire with all your personal information about your body and what kind of style you like, they say you’ll love the monthly delivery of an outfit picked out just for you.

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I celebrate women.

I’ve made it my career because nothing brings me more joy than when I see a woman realize just how beautiful she is.

As a personal stylist, I work with women to find the style they feel most comfortable, confident and empowered in. You may think that my job is non-essential, but the way a woman feels in her own skin and how she personifies that in her wardrobe, is very important. …

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We’re stuck at home — it’s just a fact. There’s nothing we can do about it so let’s try to have a few spots of laughter.

As a style blogger — I was brainstorming about what I should be writing about during these strange times. What are people doing at home? What do they want to be doing? What do they miss the most while quarantined?

So, I came up with a very basic fashion concept and adapted it to what is currently my ideal audience…


A capsule wardrobe is a group of clothing that can be…

I want to tell you my story — and it’s my own personal journey.

I was not a confident child. As a girl, I was teased by my catholic school classmates for my coke-bottle glasses and chunky body. I spent most of my time alone and received calls yelling that I was fat and ugly and that no one liked me. It was painful and lonely.

I was also hiding a very big secret.

My father was extremely abusive — physically, emotionally as well as other ways I still can’t say or type without tears welling up deep inside me…

Jennifer Ginty

I write articles about style and how to feel comfortable, confident and empowered in your own skin. As a stylist, it’s my job to help women feel amazing.

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